One of the most common questions I am asked is “If I have a set of ear buds that come with my cell phone or music player why should I invest in custom in-ear monitors? “

Although you were provided with ear buds when you bought your cell phone or music player, the fidelity that they provide severely compromises the sound reproduction.  Just like your stereo, you could buy a unit with the best components and lowest distortion, but if your speakers can not accurately reproduce the sound that is being delivered, you have compromised the sound and the potential of your music player source.  In other words, your $600 cell phone can provide high fidelity music but if it is playing through a $15 set of ear phones, the music is not heard as it was intended.Musician Monitors of NY Why Invest In In-Ear Monitors

Another issue with “stock” ear buds is the fit.  Due to sound leakage that occurs when your ear buds do not fit properly, the tendency is to increase the volume to compensate for ambient noise in your environment or to be able to get the level of the music to an acceptable level to be heard.  By increasing the intensity, you are increasing the potential of doing damage to your hearing, ultimately resulting in a permanent hearing loss. Did you know that all it takes is 15 minutes of noise exposure at a musical event to cause hearing loss?   The use of custom in ear monitors reduces the need to increase the volume, allows you to have a better music experience and at the same time protect your hearing.

So go ahead, enjoy your music in high fidelity while protecting your ears!