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In Ear Monitors
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Custom In Ear Monitors

Whether you are a musician, sound engineer, performer or audiophile Musician Monitors of NY offers  In-Ear monitors with the highest level of sound quality available.  Dr. Servedio’s work with singers, performers, stage crew and people who just love to listen to exceptional sound have made him the Audiologist that is sought after to make the highest quality impressions.  Musicians from around the world have come to Dr. Servedio because of his excellent reputation in the music and performing arts arena.  Whether it is a same day appointment or a studio visit he makes the process effortless.

Customized Service

Dr. Servedio realizes the busy schedules and tight time lines of bands performers and crew he works with.  Every effort is made to accommodate these schedules quickly and insure that the turn around time on delivery fits these needs.  Location visits can be arranged when there are a large number of performers that need monitors.  Our audiophiles love to meet with Dr. Servedio to determine which of the many products on the market are best suited to their needs.

Hearing Conservation

For individuals that are exposed to loud sounds, whether the source of the sound is music or occupational, another option that will protect your hearing better than custom ear protection. As an audiologist and audiophile, I have a unique insight into how fragile the auditory system is. Unlike some of our other senses, once the nerves in the inner ear are damaged, the loss is permanent. The added benefit of custom hearing protection is the comfort and ease of use. Since we are taking a cast of your ear canals, they will be shaped perfectly for your ears. One of the differences from over the counter stock “foam”  plugs is that insertion into the canal is easier and eliminates the risk of not putting the plugs into you ear properly and not getting maximum protection.

Sound Solutions

There are so many great products on the market in the world of In-Ear Monitors that it is important to have an Audiologist who is fluent in all the different options.  Dr. Servedio has been working with the top manufacturers and is an expert in all the nuances of each product to insure you get the best sound quality for your needs

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