Hearing Protection at Musician Monitors of NY
Loud Music Hearing Protection at Musician Sound Monitors of NY

Musician Monitors of NY works with industrial companies of all sizes and their employees to provide the very best in Sound protection for on the job workers. Research indicates that workplaces with appropriate and effective hearing conservation programs have higher levels of worker productivity and a lower incidence of absenteeism.

For individuals that are exposed to loud sounds, whether the source of the sound is music or occupational, a very efficient and comfortable approach to hearing conservation is custom ear protection. As an audiologist and audiophile, Dr. Servedio has a unique insight into how fragile the auditory system is. Unlike some of our other senses, once the nerves in the inner ear are damaged, the loss is permanent. The added benefit of custom hearing protection is the comfort and ease of use. Since we are taking a cast of your ear canals, they will be shaped perfectly for your ears. One of the differences from over the counter stock “foam”  plugs is that insertion into the canal is easier and eliminates the risk of not putting the plugs into you ear properly and not getting maximum protection.

Hearing Protection Options at Musician Sound Solutions NY

The ES49 is the earplug of choice for the discriminating performing musician or concert-goer. The flat attenuation characteristics allow the music to be heard accurately, but at a safer volume, thus reducing volume levels evenly without affecting the overall sound quality. This custom hearing protection product was designed specifically with the musician in mind. With a choice of 9, 15, or 25 dB filters, the ES49 is perfect for any musician or music lover.

Special color options in Otoblast & Vinyl are available.

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