Frequently Asked Question

Why custom in ear monitors?  2018-03-04T21:52:16-05:00

Custom in ear monitors have numerous advantages over “stock” earphones. They allow a much higher fidelity of sound reproduction. Since the monitors are made from a cast of your ears, the fit allows ambient sound to be filtered so you are not increasing the volume of your music. This allows you to protect your hearing from damage due to dangerous high levels of sound.

What is the procedure for earmold impressions?2018-03-04T21:26:50-05:00

The impression process is the most important step in getting a perfect fitting IEM.  In order to achieve this, we first inspect the outer ear canal and remove ear wax, hair and any debris from the canal.  We put a cotton dam beyond the second bend of the ear canal and then we inject a soft material into the canal which will stiffen with 5-6 minutes. All of this is done with minimal discomfort and is well tolerated by the patient.  You will have the option of taking your castings and ship them yourself or we can handle the entire ordering and shipping process for you.

How long will it take to receive them?2018-03-04T21:52:38-05:00

Depending on how busy the lab is, it can take two to four weeks to get your monitors.

Why Choose Musician Monitors of NY?2018-07-16T22:39:51-04:00

Dr. Servedio has a well known reputation for outstanding quality in custom products.  His experience working behind the scenes with earmold labs and his ability to guide individuals to select the most appropriate products for their need makes him uniquely qualified.   He is sought out by A list musicians, celebrities, tour managers ,television and theater producers to create their custom products.

How do I know what company to work with?2018-03-04T21:34:18-05:00

That is where our expertise will help you to determine the best product for your budget and needs.

What are the costs involved?2021-08-26T15:23:24-04:00

 The costs vary depending on what model of monitors you select.  We have monitors that start at $299 and can exceed $2400. If you elect to order directly from the manufacturer, our fee for impression taking and secure packaging for shipping is $80/set.

Can I use my custom plugs for my phone and other music players?2018-03-04T21:34:38-05:00

Absolutely. If you have invested in a DAC player, the ability to reproduce sound is compromised by the quality non custom  earbuds or headphones. With IEM’s, you are delivering the best sound possible.

Is there any risk of damaging my ears while listening with them?2018-03-04T21:34:46-05:00

 There is always a risk involved with listening to your music at loud intensities however with in ear monitors the intensity needed to hear the superior sound is much lower therefore much safer for your ears.

What is the remake policy if my monitors are not comfortable?2018-03-04T21:34:56-05:00

Our office policy is that we will take new impressions for your ear monitors if needed according to the manufacturer’s warranty period which is typically thirty days at no additional charge.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?   2018-03-04T21:53:00-05:00

Yes, since this a customized process, you will need a dedicated appointment so please call our office manager Luz at 646.385.7426 to set up a time that is most convenient for you.

What other products do you have available?2018-03-04T21:35:12-05:00

We also provide custom and stock ear protection for musicians and individuals that are exposed to loud environments. We make swim plugs and “snore plugs “ for those who want to reduced ambient sounds.

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